Memberships are vital to the organization. We are proud to have the largest membership base of any Florida Keys non profit.

We offer special thanks to our current Mogul, Greenlight and Platinum members:

Jon Allen
John Allison and Camille Blatz
Paul and Jane Athanas
Bruce and Pam Boring
Marian Burke
Meg Cabot and Benjamin Egnatz
Thomas Cole
George Cooper and Judy Blume
Evan and Barbara Corns
Mike and Yleana Dennis
Frederick Eberstadt
Peyton Evans
George Fernandez and Sam Trophia
Larry and Judy Franklin
James Gleick and Cynthia Crossen
Bryan Green and Tony Konrath
Linda and Fred Greenberg
Karl and Mary Haffenreffer
Richard Hatch and Suanne Kitchar
Jim and Kathy Haymaker
Mindy and Dennis Holbert
Blake Hunter
Lynn Kaufelt
Rita Linder and Perry Arnold
John and Karen Lockwood
Jo Marcus
Doug Mayberry
Kevin and Laurie McChesney
Victor and Dee McTeer
Holly Merrill
Linda and Michael Mewshaw
Robert and Noreen Pollman
Katharine and Miles Prentice
Mark and Mindy Schilleci
Wally and Joyce Senney
Bunnie Smith
Kevin and Csilla Smith
Janet and Raymond Sneath
Robert and Elena Spottswood
Todd and Lisa Stuart
Roger and Mary Ann Westerlund
Dahlia and Jonathan Woods
Patty Wray and Doug Smith
Richard C. and Deb Young