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Nearly 25% of all Key West households hold a membership card to the Tropic Cinema. Your membership entitles you to great perks, including discounted or free tickets for 1 year, evening discount parking, discounts at local restaurants, and invitations to members-only events.

We have simplified and streamlined our membership levels—click here or stop by the Box Office to start your membership, and please consider joining our Valued Premium members.

Art House Visiting Members Program

The Tropic Cinema is proud to be a participating theater in the Art House Visiting Members Program from Art House Convergence. Tropic members receive basic membership benefits at participating arthouse and independent cinemas across the country, from Miami Beach to Alaska. Visit the AHVM website for a listing of theaters where you’ll be treated like a member!

Membership Levels


One discounted ticket to all feature films


One free ticket to all feature films
Membership in the Tropic Dinner Club


Up to two people per account
Two free tickets to all feature films
Membership in the Tropic Dinner Club
One free Tropic Cinema t-shirt or cap
One free movie poster
$25 discount on Oscar Gala tickets
Invitations to private screenings
Tax letter with % deduction

Green Light—$3,000/Year

All Mogul privileges plus:

Four free tickets to all feature films
Two free Tropic Cinema t-shirts or caps
Membership on the Southern Circuit Review Committee
Meet visiting filmmakers
$250/year concession card


All Green Light privileges plus:

$400/year concession card
Private guided tour of the Tropic
Host a private screening

The Tropic Cinema is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.