Treat yourself.

At the Tropic Cinema, we take our concessions stand seriously. From crowd pleasing classics to modern refreshments, we’ve crafted a menu that complements our carefully selected film screenings. And we’ve kept our prices low. Our eternal gratitude goes out to Stanley and Judith Zabar, of the famous Zabar’s in New York City, for helping us create something more than just standard fare.

Wine and Champagne

Have a glass or the whole bottle! Enjoy it in the theater or meet friends in the Sussman Lounge (named after the parents of author and Key West bookstore owner Judy Blume).

We change our wines seasonally, so there’s always something new. Pair your favorite with our selection of brie and Camembert cheeses, Ghirardelli’s chocolates or house-baked chocolate chip cookies.


Call a friend and grab a beer, or two! Choose from a selection of domestic, local, or import. Our beers pair well with our gourmet nuts, popcorn, hummus and pita chips.


We are proud to offer fresh-roasted Zabar’s coffee — the coffee New York drinks. Zabar’s family business has been going strong for 80 years at 80th and Broadway in New York City, and you can get your taste of the city right here at the Tropic.


No movie is complete without popcorn, and ours is freshly made popped in pure canola oil only. Nothing else. Ask us to layer your popcorn with REAL butter. You can also choose additional toppings from our popcorn seasonings bar that includes salt, chili pepper, kettle corn, cheddar cheese, nutritional yeast and so many more! The Miami Herald says we have the best popcorn. We can’t argue with that!


We have everything from Junior Mints and Reese’s to Ghirardelli and Lindt chocolates. Grab 2 or 3 and we promise not to judge you. Be sure to support our locally made products: sweets and savories from the Nut House, and bark and caramels by Candies by Jamie.

Gourmet Snacks

Our wide selection of home-style baked goods is unparalleled. Snack on Stacy’s pita chips or Taro veggie chips. For something more filling, grab some healthy hummus, brie or Camembert cheese.


We serve popular fountain Pepsi products that always deliver: Pepsi, Diet, Sierra Mist, Hi-C Lemonade, Mug Root Beer, Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew. We are also proud to serve alternatives like Pellegrino, Tazo and Pure Leaf Iced teas, Tsamma watermelon juice, Coconut water from Coco Pure and straight-up fruit juices.