Downton Abbey: A New Era

Tropic Sprockets by Ian Brockway

5/5 (1)

The Downton alliance is here again in a highly anticipated second film outing. The pace is brisk and the repartee is snappy. As directed by Simon Curtis, fans will have much to applaud.

Violet (Maggie Smith) has a long ago paramour who bequeathed a French villa to her and the Abbey is all aflutter. Adding to the drama, a film studio is in love with the grounds and interior and is bound and is determined to have it as a location. The Downton family needs the money for repairs.

All of the characters are in force with breezy colors and a light heart. Mr. Carter (Charles Carson) is dependably stoic. Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is glamorous and witty.

Half of the group goes off to France and half stay at Downton to deal with an Errol Flynn type (Dominic West) and a snotty Jean Harlowesque goddess (Laura Haddock). The crisis echoes “Singin in the Rain” (the star with the grating voice) but determination prevails.

The subplot with Violet will require a few tissues for some and rightly so.

For most (excluding die hard fans) all is laughter and jolly fun with sincere spirit and it is executed with deft hands.

This is entertainment thru and thru and much needed in the cinema realm. With such effervescent good cheer and sincere emotion, it is easy to see why Downton Abbey has legions of loyal fans.

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