Rolling With the Tropic

By Ian Brockway

5/5 (1)

Fear not, Key Westers! Despite the very real sadness of the virus, we are all under positive vibrations from blue skies and smiles. Best of all The Tropic is back! An island sanctuary.

They are showing “The Way I See It,” a warm and wonderful portrait of an Obama White House friendship, and rerunning “RBG” a study of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Next Week, “The Personal History of David Copperfield” based on the Dickens classic.

In the coming weeks, the cinema will show “On The Rocks” with Bill Murray.

The quarantine was strange for all of us. Waking life was a bit like “The Twilight Zone” with sparse people along the ultra-bright streets, averted glances and no small talk. The idea of “Movies” meaning physically going to the movies seemed a far-away diamond smothered in black velvet—-the darkness of a theater. James Bond was pushed back, as was “Black Widow.” It seemed that Nature itself was Thanos, not because we were dealing with a self-aggrandizing giant (as in the film Endgame), but because human beings as a whole have gotten too cozy with other species.

We withdrew into our homes, ate and looked into our small screens as a way of coping with the loss of watching closely with others, gazing rapt at the Big Screen, our lost love.

Horror movies on our TVs, phones and iPads became popular. A few of these films: “Swallow” and “She Dies Tomorrow” spoke philosophically of isolation, boredom and the endless pass of hours.

From out of the apprehension came a glimmer of silver. It is now possible with care to go to the movies with enjoyment and thrills. The Tropic lives on. In addition, it is available to rent for parties and small movie events, presenting any film you wish. When in the theater, please respect a social distance of six feet and be courteous to others.

The Tropic Cinema is a landmark of art and culture that virtually every Key Wester has had a hand in. The Tropic is ready for us now, again, more than ever.

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