Key West Bicentennial: Reap the Wild Wind

PG, 124 minutes / Cast: Paulette Goddard, John Wayne, Ray Milland

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In 1822, John Simonton purchased the island of Key West from Juan Pablo Salas. He, along with many other merchants, immediately settled the island. Following soon was Lt. Matthew C. Perry who planted the United States flag on the island on March 25, 1822, claiming it as American soil.

This solidified Key West's special place in history and has given the island reason to commemorate its Bicentennial in 2022. Join us as we celebrate film history! Every month we are showing movies filmed in or inspired by Key West. The series continues with Cecil B. Demille's classic salvagers' tale "Reap the Wild Wind."

About the Film
The Florida Keys in 1840, where the implacable hurricanes of the Caribbean scream, and where the salvagers of Key West -- like the intrepid and beautiful Loxi Claiborne and her crew -- reap the harvest of the wild wind from aboard frail schooners. As the most dangerous of the salvagers, King Cutler (Raymond Massey), takes aim at the ships of the wealthy Devereaux Company, while ambitious ship captain Jack Stuart (John Wayne) and company lawyer Stephen Tolliver (Ray Milland) vie for the hand of feisty Loxi (Paulette Goddard).

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