The Cuban

Not Rated, 109 minutes / Cast: Louis Gossett, Jr., Ana Golja, Lauren Holly

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When naïve pre-med student Mina (Ana Golja) gets her first job in a nursing home, she meets Luis (Academy Award winner Louis Gossett, Jr.), an elderly Cuban musician. To Mina's surprise, her humming ignites a spark inside Luis and he begins to awaken. As each day passes, Luis reacts, reminisces, dances, and talks more and more. Their friendship blossoms - through his stories, Luis reveals his colorful past -- and reignites Mina's love of music.

With an original soundtrack composed by Grammy nominee and Juno Award-winning Cuban jazz virtuoso Hilario Duran, director Sergio Navarretta's The Cuban is a musical journey of love, friendship and the power of the imagination.

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