Wild Women of Wongo

June 30, 2018 - 11:00 am

Event Category: Attack of the B's
Admission: $3

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The tropical island of Wongo is full of beautiful women and repulsive men. The neighboring island of Goona is packed with handsome guys and ugly women. They’ve never been aware of each other’s existence, but when a tribe of ape-men invade Goona, the (handsome) king sends his (handsome) son out to sea for help.

He lands on Wongo, where he’s stunned by the women’s beauty — and, as expected, falls afoul of the jealous men. Can the gorgeous ladies and good-looking men save each other from ugly wimps and evil ape-men? Will wild dancing, crazy passion and stock footage of tropical islands follow? That’s all up to … the Wild Women of Wongo!

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