Virtual Cinema: Deep in Vogue

February 3, 2021 -

Event Category: Virtual Cinematheque Series
Admission: $12


“Deep in Vogue” celebrates the colorful, queer, emotional and political stories of Northern Vogue in Manchester, UK—and explores how an art form developed in the black, gay ballrooms of 1980s New York City made a resurgence in the North of England.

Over the course of a year, film makers Dennis Keighron-Foster and Amy Watson charted the buildup to the Manchester ICONS Vogue Ball. They delve into universal themes and the unique styles from both sides of the Atlantic: from the sometimes dramatic internal politics of Vogue to external politics including the disenfranchisement of black youth, LGBT issues, the dearth of art spaces and modes of expression, the over-commercialized gay scene, and the lack of safe spaces for the truly different.

Now streaming via the Tropic Virtual Cinema, “Deep in Vogue” is an electric, informative, and entertaining celebration of people coming to love and accept themselves, finding a new family through Vogue.

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