Shark Tale

July 14, 2018 - 10:30 am

Event Category: Kids Saturday Movie Club
Admission: $1 (Kids 12 and Under) // $2 (13 and Up)

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Oscar (Will Smith) is a fast-talking little fish that dreams big. But his big dreams land him in hot water when a great white lie turns him into an unlikely hero.

Don Lino (Robert De Niro) is the patriarch of a family of sharks who lord over a bustling aquatic community based along a massive underwater reef. His older son, Frankie (Michael Imperioli), is a carnivorous tough guy who takes after his father, but Frankie’s brother Lenny (Jack Black) is a kind soul — and a vegetarian. Don Lino’s crony Sykes (Martin Scorsese) employs Oscar at his “whale wash” — and when a dropped anchor accidentally kills Frankie, Oscar is suddenly (if mistakenly) celebrated as “the shark killer.”

Oscar’s overnight fame attracts plenty of attention, and he strikes up a friendship with Lenny — a friendship that’ll be tested to its limits when Don Lino and Sykes decide it’s time to “take care” of the sensitive shark.

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