Monday Night Classics: North By Northwest

August 5, 2019 - 6:30 pm

Event Category: Monday Night Classics
Admission: $12 // $8.75 Members

The Tropic’s Monday Night Classics in August are all about Hot Pursuits—and the series starts with the nonstop, breathless chase of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “wrong man” thriller.

“North by Northwest” marked Cary Grant’s fourth and final collaboration with director Alfred Hitchcock. Grant stars as advertising executive Roger Thornhill, who has the misfortune of standing just as the name “George Kaplan” is called—kicking off a lethal case of mistaken identity and a nonstop game of cat and mouse as he is pursued across North America by espionage agents trying to kill him … and by police who suspect him of murder.

Pursued by spies (James Mason) and counter-spies (Eva Marie Saint), Thornhill is abducted, framed for murder, chased, crop-dusted and eventually finds himself holding onto Mount Rushmore for dear life—and his suit looks good the whole time. 

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