May 7, 2018 - 6:30 pm

Event Category: 4 Nights 4 Justice
Admission: $18, Members $15 // 4 Films for $40 (available in-person only)

6:00 pm: Champagne Reception
6:30 pm: “Jackson” Screening
After screening: Q&A with director, producer and director of photography Maisie Crow

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Not long ago, Mississippi had fourteen abortion clinics. Now only one remains. The stigma of abortion runs deep in Mississippi, and women in poverty and women of color are particularly vulnerable. “Jackson” uncovers the racial and religious undertones of the Deep South and explores the nuanced nature of abortion in America’s Bible Belt.

“Maisie Crow’s film represents a strong and scrupulously even-handed addition to the annals of documentaries on this most divisive of subjects’” — Los Angeles Times

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