Evil Brain from Outer Space

July 7, 2018 - 11:00 am

Event Category: Attack of the B's
Admission: $3

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From 1957 – 1959, Japanese superhero Super Giant featured in a series of nine films — and when those films were imported to the U.S., they were stitched together into four features. “Evil Brain From Outer Space” attempts to wrestle the final three Super Giant movies into one … and mostly fails. 

Super Giant is re-dubbed “Starman,” and the plot (such as it is) concerns his efforts to save the Earth from the followers of Balazar, an evil genius from the planet Zemar whose prodigiously overdeveloped brain has been preserved after his own assassination. As a result of the more-is-better, three-movies-in-one approach, “Evil Brain From Outer Space” is a nonstop parade of new characters, over-the-top fights, elaborate chases and cliffhangers.

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