Virtual Cinematheque Series: Driveways

June 2, 2020 -

Event Category: Virtual Cinematheque Series
Admission: $12


While we can’t meet up over popcorn and a glass of wine at the Tropic, we can still enjoy some of the best new independent film! The Tropic’s new Virtual Cinematheque Series now offers you the chance to check out new movies at home—and to support the Tropic while you do! 

Our Virtual Cinematheque Series for April now includes “Driveways,” “a character drama … that turns out to be a small gem.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Director Andrew Ahn’s intimate drama revolves around the unlikely friendship formed between a lonely young boy (Lucas Jaye) and his new octogenarian neighbor Del (Golden Globe and Tony-winner Brian Dennehy). Kathy (Golden Globe nominee Hong Chau), a single mother, travels with her shy eight-year-old son Cody to her late sister’s house, which they plan to clean and sell. As Kathy realizes how little she knew about her sister, Cody and Del become friends; over the course of a summer and with Del’s encouragement, Cody develops the courage to come out of his shell and, along with his mother, finds a new place to call home.

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