The Amazing Panda Adventure

July 21, 2018 - 10:30 am

Event Category: Kids Saturday Movie Club
Admission: $1 (Kids 12 and Under) // $2 (13 and Up)

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Ten-year-old Ryan Tyler heads for China with his father to spend his spring break on a wildlife preserve in China. There, his father and others are working to save the endangered pandas. To keep the preserve from becoming the victim of budget cuts it, the workers must prove that they are doing valuable work by showing the budget committee a live panda cub. Unfortunately, the only cub around has been trapped by poachers.

The workers manage to steal the cub away. But on their way back, Nick and his Chinese pal Ling end up separated from the grown-ups. With them is the adorable cub — and now they must find their way back and avoid the murderously angry poachers.

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