4N4J Series: National Bird

March 29, 2017 - 6:00 pm

Event Category: 4 Nights 4 Justice

6:00 champagne reception before each film and a Q&A afterwards with the filmmakers.

Guest Filmmaker: Sonia Kennebeck, Director and Co-Producer

For many military leaders, effective unmanned weapons systems have been a holy grail of sorts for many, many years.  In the past decade this quest has very much turned into reality, albeit in a quiet and secretive way.  But what is the human cost?  What of the human collateral damage?  How are decisions being made about targets and the lives are being put at risk?  Has it become too easy to kill people?  Have we given away some of our humanity in electing to embark upon this course?

“National Bird is an investigative political documentary that explores the complex issue of drone warfare from a human perspective. Through this film, I hope to enliven the public debate not just by enriching the existing discourse with a balanced portrait of the U.S. drone program, but more importantly by illuminating the impact this program has on the people – veterans and survivors – the human side of this war. Like previous advancements in military technology, combat drones have transformed warfare, outpacing the ability of legal and moral frameworks to adapt and address these developments. A broad, immersive, and thoroughly public discourse is critical to understanding the social cost of drone warfare.” (Sonia Kennebeck, Director)

This series is supported in part by The Michael Dively Social Justice and Diversity Endowment, the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys and Holly S. Merrill.

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