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We're trying to build a useful reference source base here. For starters, I've put up the suggestions of Diane Gallagher, a member of our programming committee. Please send your additional suggestions to, and I'll add them in. Also, please report any broken links. Thanks. -- GC
  • Internet Movie Database -- -- The mother of all film links. Every movie ever made and almost everything you could possibly want to know about them, including credits, external reviews, user ratings (which are a pretty accurate gauge), release dates, box office receipts. It's all cross-referenced, and you can search on just about anything. A great time sucker.
  • Village Voice Weekly -- -- They probably review most interesting new releases, series and traveling fests, too.
  • New York Times -- -- They have a policy of reviewing every film that opens in New York, even if only briefly.
  • Indie Wire -- -- Daily articles about what's happening in the indie world. Interesting, but spotty coverage.
  • Salon Magazine -- -- An on-line magazine with good reviews and other movie-related articles, but it's not comprehensive. Camille Paglia loathers beware.
  • Film Threat Weekly -- -- More coverage of the indie movie scene, with zest.
  • TWITCH - Twitch has become an industry's leading resource for films from around the globe. Twitch is one of the most read film websites in the entire world and has become daily reading for festival programmers, film producers, film buyers, and tens of thousands of fans every day.

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