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A Cinema Is Born - Short video about the building of the Tropic Cinema

Background and History

A Pictorial History of the Tropic

About Our Architect (

From Empty building Jan. 2002 to 3-screen triplex cinema Carper interior


2016 Melroy Takes Over Tropic cinema 09/10/2017

2016 Tropic Cinema Annual Meeting 05/11/2016

2015 Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer Featuring the Tropic Cinema 10/16/15

2015 Members' Meeting Presentation 04-10-2015

Key West Film Society, Inc.,
Financial Statements with Independent Auditors' Report
Fiscal Year Ending October 31, 2013
- 06-30-2014

Tropic Cinema Annual Meeting Slide Show -- March 16, 2014

Tropic Cinema Annual Meeting Slide Show -- March 2, 2013

Film Journal International "Braving a New World" -- March 2013

Art House Convergence Film Theaters Conference 2012
Spotlight AHC Tropic Cinema

Letter from the Executive Director (06-22-2010)

Letter from the Executive Director (3/24/2010)

Revolution in Utah: Art-house community takes a stand at Sundance (Film Journal, 3/05/2010)

Tropic Opens Fourth Screen (KW Citizen, 1/15/2010)

A Note from Our Executive Director (6/20/09)

New Leadership Tropic Cinema (Press Release 5/7/09)

Where do we get our films?

Changes in Board of Directors (Press Release 3/21/07)


Board of Directors:

Holly Merrill , Chair

Benjamin Egnatz
Vice Chair

Wayne Kruer, Counsel

Andy Strunk, Treasurer

Piper Smith, Secretary

S. Runi Goyal

Terry George

BOD (cont.)

George Cooper,
Director Emeritus

Linda Mewshaw

K. C. Irick

Ken Domanski

Mike Marrero

Ginny Stones

Victor McTeer


Paul Melroy,
Executive Director

Scot Hoard,
Programming and Webmaster

Lori Reid, Theater Manager

John Abramson
Lobby Manager &
Volunteer Coordinator

Mitzi Fiedler
Lobby Manager

Steve Raynn, Projectionist

Bob Rowand, Projectionist

Jane Ireland, Membership
Admin Assist

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