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and you need the Tropic, too.
So let's get together.

We offer a variety of membership opportunities.

° All members receive free tickets or specially priced Z tickets to Tropic movie shows.
> (Z tickets save $3 for regular movies, $6.50 for 3D movies, and $2 for operas.)<
° All memberships are valid for a full twelve months from the date of purchase.
° All memberships receive a handsome plastic card showing status.
° All memberships provide income tax deductions to the fullest extent of the law. (For details, please contact the Membership Office at 305-433-3511.)
Choose a basic membership, or an enhanced membership with extra perks, but please join and help support the ongoing programs at the Tropic Cinema. Membership dues are a critical source of financial support for the theater.

Without our members, there would be no Tropic. We need you -- and we hope you need us. Won't you help us keep providing Key West with the world's best movies by becoming a member?

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One specially priced Z ticket to all movies.

One specially priced Z ticket to all movies.,
Plus Five free movie passes.
FREE ticket to all movies for one person.
MOGUL - $1,000
FREE tickets to all movies for two persons,
Plus Z tickets for accompanying guests,
Plus Invitation to annual VIP party.

Plus Free ticket reservations by telephone.

All benefits of MOGUL
Plus Increased to four FREE tickets to all movies
Plus Free concessions (via a preloaded $250 Gift Card)

PLATINUM - $5,000
The ultimate card. All benefits of GREENLIGHT TEAM

PlusMore Free concessions and merchandise (via a preloaded $400 Gift Card)
PlusOne-time free use of a fifty-seat theater for a private party with full free access to concessions including beer and wine.  You can use the theater as you wish, or we will show a movie of your choice.

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If you are uneasy about shopping online, click here for a downloadable .pdf form that you can print out, and fax or mail to us.

Tropic Cinema's Key West Film Society
P.O. Box 1283
Key West, FL 33041

Fax # 305-768-0465

Or call us for telephone registration at: (305) 433-3511